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New Textured Metal is a Popular Option from Vap Construction

Trends in construction come and go, but a new trend that is sweeping the post frame building industry is here to stay. Vap Construction, based in Atwood, Kansas, recently launched a brand new textured metal product that not only improves aesthetic appeal, but also improves durability for the post frame and steel frame buildings they construct.

“Textured metal has a totally different look than traditional metal siding,” says Linda Young-Vap, co-owner of the family owned company. “It’s less likely to fade or scratch, and also eliminates the pesky glare that traditional metal can sometimes create. Plus, the colors look deeper and richer. It’s becoming extremely popular because of that.”

Textured metal is designed to mimic the texture of shingles, so it looks great on roofs. And because of the gritty surface, it’s also safer and more slip resistant during installation. But many property owners are using it for the walls of their buildings too, because of the unique aesthetic differences.

“We’ve been putting up post frame buildings for over 25 years, and this is the first time we’ve seen such a huge response to a new product,” Vap says. “It’s a unique innovation that looks beautiful, but also improves the quality of the building, and the best part is that it doesn’t cost that much more than traditional metal.”

For a limited time, Vap Construction is offering customers an opportunity to win a free upgrade to this new textured metal, a value of over $800. Any new contracts signed prior to August 31st will automatically be entered in a drawing to win.

Vap Construction is based in northwest Kansas, but has crews constructing agricultural, commercial, equine, residential, and storage buildings throughout Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. In addition to being licensed and insured, the family owned company is also accredited by the National Frame Builders Association. For more information about textured metal or other building products, visit, or contact Vap Construction at 1-866-492-1978 for a free estimate.


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