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From Azerbaijan to Kansas: A Woman's Journey of Triumph and Inspiration 

Updated: Mar 22

Narmina Bergling Bookkeeper for Vap Construction Inc

Most of us have experienced the challenge of starting over at a new job, changing schools when we were younger, or possibly even moving to an entirely different town. But imagine leaving everything you’ve known - including your family, culture, and even native language - to begin a new life, a new career, and embrace the unknown in a new country. This is Narmina’s story.


Narmina Bergling, a Bookkeeper for Vap Construction since June of 2023, was born and raised in Azerbaijan, a small nation located in the Caucasus region, straddling Europe and Asia. She graduated from the language department at her university, equipped with three new languages, and then began working at the Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan.

Narmina met her husband, Jason, online and he soon joined her in Azerbaijan. They were married and resided there until April 2023, when they moved back to northwest Kansas.

Narmina began working for Vap Construction shortly after that move. “I was working in government and a completely different industry. And, my language was different. I’ve never done bookkeeping before," she says. "The language barrier was challenging, but I like to prove to myself that I can face challenges and I can win.”


Narmina’s commitment to being a life-long learner has drawn the attention and respect of her co-workers. "She speaks four languages and is currently working to learn Spanish," says Barbara Steiner, Payroll Specialist & Human Resources Manager for Vap Construction. "I am teaching her as much as possible about my department before she moves on."


As a highly motivated individual, Narmina draws inspiration from her grandfather. “I saw how he was successful all his life, and he’s an example for me. I just want to be like him," she says. "He worked for the government as a presidential advisor. I always looked to him and he always inspired me and told me I would be successful like him too.” 


Narmina will be leaving Vap Construction in June of this year, but her story and influence have had a lasting, profound impact on her co-workers and others as well. Owner, Linda Young-Vap, was quick to compliment Narmina's tenacity. “Narmina is such an incredible woman. Having moved from California to Kansas myself and working through that adjustment, I can only imagine how much courage it took for her to move from her close-knit family in Azerbaijan to rural, Northwest Kansas," Young-Vap says. "She comes to work every day with a smile on her face and is ready to tackle even the most complicated projects. We can all benefit from the influence and inspiration of stories like Narmina's, and she's a great reminder that we can all 'face challenges... and WIN.'"


About Vap Construction, Inc.

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