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The award-winning, accredited Vap Construction team specializes in building the highest quality post frame and steel frame buildings in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming. Our buildings are constructed with 25% more lumber than most of our competitors, making them stronger and more durable. Check out some samples of our work below:

Reiman Steel Frame Building - Exterior Door Open - Edited.jpg

Agricultural Buildings

Vap Construction was started by cattle ranchers committed to building the highest-quality farm buildings.

Unger, Jamie Building 12.JPG

Commercial Buildings

Post frame buildings can be used for anything. Office buildings, shops, warehouses; you name it, and we'll build your perfect building.

Witzel #10 Building18.jpg

Residential Buildings

From attached garages to full-blown barndominiums, the team at Vap Construction is experienced in all areas of residential construction.


Equine Buildings

From loafing sheds to indoor riding arenas, we pride ourselves on being able to construct the best equine buildings on the market.

Hill, Doug 2.jpg

Storage Buildings

A versatile post frame building can be used to store anything, from agricultural equipment to RVs. We'll build it to fit your needs!


Manufacturing Buildings

For even the most large-scale manufacturing operations, sturdy, durable post frame buildings are the best choice.

Kunneman, Myron Prof5.jpg

Storage Units

Solid, well-insulated storage units are one of the best ways you can take advantage of post frame construction to make money.



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Overhead Doors


We specialize in installing high-quality overhead and sliding doors for all types of projects. Our doors are engineered to withstand high winds and all weather conditions, so you can rest assured that your building is sealed tight. NOTE: to preserve your doors, keep all doors closed during high wind situations to avoid interior pressure. Doors are designed to withstand pressure from only the outside.



Vap Construction has experience pouring concrete for structural and non-structural projects of any scale. From foundations to patios, our crews are well-trained and up-to-date on the latest techniques and mixes, meaning that you're getting the highest-quality concrete work available. Our experienced team uses proper reinforcement methods and techniques to minimize cracking.


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