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Thank you for your interest in Vap Construction. We have been putting up the highest quality buildings in Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado for over 25 years and welcome the opportunity to bid your project! Please click the button below to fill out our custom building specification form. It only takes about ten minutes, and will help us save you time down the road having to ask follow-up questions. We look forward to following up within a few business days!

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Quality & Durability

Our buildings are built to a higher standard than many contractors choose to build at, which means you can't compare apples to apples. Our buildings are superior quality and will last a lifetime!

Building Design

Our experienced team works to design a building that is not only functional and durable, but also beautiful. Our buildings add value to your property, accommodating your preferences!


Since our crews book out several months in advance, we work to keep you informed on our timelines throughout, and we try to facilitate a smooth experience from start to finish.

Accredited & Licensed

Not many builders exert the time and expense required with getting and staying accredited through the NFBA. We are proud to be an accredited builder, meaning we know our stuff.


Don't waste time with an inexperienced builder. You can avoid a lot of hassle and repairs down the road getting your building done right the first time. Our company has over 25 years' experience!

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