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Destination: Backyard?

The term, “staycation” dates back as far as the 1940s, when many things were being rationed, including gas for unnecessary travel. But the concept has again become popular in light of the many recent falls and rises of the economy. Often, vacations, or even staycations, are an annual (or, if you’re lucky, bi-annual) treat that create time and space for our minds and bodies to rest and be refreshed. In a culture that makes it challenging to establish a healthy balance of work and rest, we could all benefit from intentional, more frequent moments of serenity in our lives! 


The days of using a tiny garden shed in the backyard to store lawn tools and Christmas decorations are quickly fading. Although functional, why not make the most of that investment. Expanding the size of the building to a multi-use space adds value and can drastically improve your quality of life. A space on your property that allows you to relax and escape the demands of work and adult life can be functional AND fun. The sky's the limit on a customizable space, but here are a few ideas that may inspire you: 


Man Caves 

The ever-popular retreat for tinkering on cars, hosting poker nights with friends, or watching the big game amidst a collection of sports memorabilia. These buildings can be as rustic or as upscale as you like, with many customers opting to make them multi-use with room for mowers and storage in part of the building, and entertaining or hobby space in another part of the building. 


She Shed 

A place to craft your heart out, display your collection of thrift store finds, or a dedicated space for an art or photography studio. Create a reading nook, complete with shelves of your favorite books - you could even host a book club. Retreat to your personal spa that includes a jacuzzi tub or a sauna. The vibe of your She Shed can be boujee or simple and practical; dedicated to work, play, or a little of both – you decide!  


Family Rec Room 

Step away from the homework and chores, and make new memories in a family game room, home theater, or music room. Throw neighborhood and friend parties, sleepovers, and other fun events your kids will remember for a lifetime. A porch on the outside makes it even more ideal for hosting family get-togethers or grilling on a quiet summer evening. The versatility of this space creates longevity and overall value, as it evolves with your family as they grow.  


Let your creativity run wild, and let the team at Vap Construction help you dream up a beautiful new Backyard Oasis. Whatever the flavor of your project, we've got a limited-time special offer that can make the process of getting your new building even easier, for as low as $59,900 for a quality post frame structure that is sure to bring those dreams to life! Learn more about our special offers at or request a free quote on something more custom at 


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