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Vap Construction Wins NFBA Barn of the Year Award

Updated: Apr 15

Vap Construction NFBA Award Barn of the Year 2024 Rooney Ranch

At Vap Construction, we strive for the highest quality builds that will weather even the harshest of conditions, while still incorporating great design and adding property value. We are pleased to announce that our team received the Barn of the Year award from the National Frame Building Association (NFBA) in their Agricultural Storage/Workshops category. Every year, the NFBA gives out awards in twelve categories for builders who meet their strict criteria and build to the highest standards in the industry. This is the third time Vap Construction has been presented with this prestigious recognition.


The winning building for 2023 is called Rooney Ranch Parking Haven, located in Jelm, CO. As Kurt Petricka, a hand at Rooney Ranch, continues to help this cattle ranch grow, the need for room to grow became a necessity.

Vap Construction NFBA Barn of the Year Award Winner 2023 - Rooney Ranch Colorado

Our team helped them customize the building with seven overhead doors, concrete, insulation, and other design features to make it beautiful and functional for parking and storing employee vehicles during the brutal cold winters. Rooney Ranch sits just south of the Wyoming border in Larimer County, Colorado. This building needed more structural engineering and attention than most. With MSR roof purlins, specialty truss connections, and a high wind speed and snow load requirement, a post-frame structure was the obvious choice.


You can learn more about the NFBA Yearly awards by visiting their website:


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