Vap Construction Inc and NWKS Radio are teaming up to feed some deserving families this Thanksgiving! This is one of our favorite annual traditions, and we want you to be a part of deciding which families will receive a complete Thanksgiving feast. We are accepting anonymous nominations for names of deserving families until November 22nd. We will then select TWO deserving families, one from Atwood, KS, and one from Colby, KS to receive a complete holiday feast with their choice of turkey or ham as the main course. We'll even deliver the food to their home! Please share our social media posts with others in our area to spread the word about this great opportunity to bless a family in need.

This video highlights the 2020 meal giveaway. 



Use this form to nominate a family in our area to be entered to win one of TWO Thanksgiving meals this holiday season.

Studies have shown that spray foam can reduce your monthly energy bill by up to 50%, saving you up to $51,000 in your lifetime.

Spray foam provides a complete air seal, meaning that no exterior dirt or dust can get in. It will also greatly reduce wind noise.

2 inches of closed-cell spray foam is a moisture barrier,  meaning that your entire building will be completely waterproof. 

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