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Vap Construction Presents Atwood Junior Senior High School with Donated Funds

In June of 2023, Atwood Junior Senior High School experienced a fire that caused significant damage to the building. After learning about the fire, Linda Young-Vap knew their business would find a way to help contribute. “We are very proud of our community,” says Linda, “our schools are a critical part of life in Atwood, and we knew we needed to help.”

At the end of June, the company found out that a local community foundation, the ACE Foundation, was providing up to $65,000 in matching funds for donations made by the community toward the school's renovations. Knowing this, Vap Construction, Inc. committed to donating $500 of each building contract signed before September 30th. During this campaign, Vap Construction's staff was able to raise $16,000 which was then presented to the Atwood Junior Senior High School reconstruction project.

"We're thrilled to present this check to help rebuild the school to benefit the students in our community for years to come," says Young-Vap. "It's special to see our community come together, and we are happy to be a part of it."


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