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The Importance of Covering your ASS-ets on the Farm

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

The Midwest is home to over 200 million acres of farmland, with Kansas coming in the top 3 U.S. states for most acres of land in farms. Each year, the average farmer spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment and machinery alone. Building a new storage building might seem like a costly investment, but the "huge price tag" is just a fraction of the cost of expensive repairs and downtime on the farm.

Here are some of the things to consider when weighing your options:

Economic and Reoccurring Expenses - Not only do you have to think about the average inflation rate, along with the cost of the actual repairs, you also have to consider the time it is taking away from your day-to-day operations. You are potentially losing out on thousands of dollars. The reoccurring toll that comes along with replacement and repairs is much more expensive than the cost of the safety, security, and protection of a farm shed.

Environmental Impact - The harsh Midwest summers and winters add yet another layer of potential hardships that come with owning a farm. Preserving your equipment from rust, corrosion, and freezing are just a few of the factors to consider when thinking about the benefits of a farm building.

Additional Benefits - In addition to all of the benefits that we already listed, there are several others to consider too. Owning a solid structurally sound building from Vap Construction, Inc. can also serve as a windbreak to shelter your farm yard and the people who spend time there. Adding additional space and storage can serve multiple different purposes, including providing shaded area to work indoors, entertain employees and family, and store chemicals out of the elements. Not to mention the security and peace of mind that comes with protecting your assets from theft.

Longer life span for machines, tools, and materials is a no brainer with the benefits outweighing the initial up-front cost of the building. Building a strong and beautiful building that will last for years to come is an investment you will never regret!

Vap’s experienced team with a solid reputation for helping people can customize the building that's just right for your needs. Vap Construction, Inc. is based in northwest Kansas, and has licensed and insured crews constructing a wide range of buildings throughout Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. The family-owned company is also accredited by the National Frame Builders Association. For more information or request a free quote, visit, or contact Vap Construction at 1-866-492-1978.


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