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Why Doing Your Homework Will Pay in the Long Run

When quoting a metal building, going with the CHEAPEST option is probably not the BEST option. After helping thousands of customers get the high quality buildings they deserve, it’s unfortunate that many of those relationships were formed after the customer hired the wrong company that left them with problems galore. There might be a (not-so-positive) reason that contractor is undercutting the competition, or is available to start building right away. Quality workmanship is worth waiting for.

So we felt it was important to help farmers, ranchers, and business owners understand the several different facets of quoting a metal building project. Hopefully this list will help you make an informed decision and get accurate quotes so you can compare bids apples to apples!

Here are the Top Seven Factors to Consider when Reviewing Bid Proposals:

  1. Do they carry liability insurance? Do they have references? Because we do. And we pride ourselves on operating our business on the "up-and-up" so that our customers can be confident in their decision. Contractors should always require builders risk insurance, as well as carrying workers compensation insurance for their employees. Otherwise you might get stuck with a lawsuit if someone gets hurt on your property.

  2. Are they licensed? There are a lot of fly-by-night builders that aren’t licensed in the states where they work, exposing you to additional risk. Make sure to ask if your contractor is licensed with the state and local governing bodies. They should also be paying the appropriate sales and usage taxes in the states where they work.

  3. Are they accredited? Industry accreditation is hard to come by, but gives buyers confidence knowing that they’re working with real professionals. Accreditation requires continuing education every year, along with meeting quality and service standards. Vap Construction is proud to be accredited with the National Frame Building Association, and our leadership team even serves on its Board of Directors, helping other companies around the country live up to those standards as well.

  4. How much experience do they have? Do they have great manufacturer relationships, or are they new and still “winging it” as they build in new areas? Where do they get their raw materials, and are they the same quality as the other bids you’re reviewing? We’ve been doing this for more than 25 years, and feel confident that we provide the smoothest possible building experience with the very best materials on the market.

  5. What materials are they using and what guarantees do they provide? Make sure you compare materials and accessories apples to apples so you don’t get short-changed in the end. We recommend requesting clearly written expectations about who is providing what so you don’t get shocked with change orders in the middle of the project. Make sure to discuss insulation, guttering, and other optional add-ons before you get your bid.

  6. How long will the project take? Will they come and go as they please, leaving your property a mess for longer than necessary? Will they need to be reminded to finish their commitments? We pride ourselves on exceptional communication, and work diligently to finish each building without pulling off the project (except in the case of forced weather delays). Be sure to ask each contractor about their projected timeline. Remember, quality is worth waiting for! If they are available next week, that’s probably not a good sign.

  7. Do they stand behind their work? Will they walk you through the planning process to help you make educated decisions, or will they just push to make a quick sale? We pride ourselves on well-planned projects with every foreseeable detail covered in advance. It makes for a much less stressful build!

If you are wanting your next building done NOW or for CHEAP, you can probably find someone to accommodate your timeline and your budget. But penny-pinching now can result in big disappointments when the contractor leaves your property.

At Vap Construction, we prioritize quality and exceptional workmanship over a rushed timeline and inexpensive materials. We know you deserve a building that will last for decades to come, and we insist on providing only the best. With warmer temperatures right around the corner, we recommend calling early to get your quote started before the schedule fills up for the season. THANK YOU to all of our valued customers in Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado that have been supporting our family-owned company for the past 25+ years. We don’t promise to be perfect, but we DO promise to take great care of our customers! Visit our website to see photos of our work,


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