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Why Barndominiums?

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Barndominium is a term with growing popularity, referring to a house made out of a metal building. Barndominiums originated in Texas, where animal owners found it easier to check their animals if their living quarters were all in the same place. Therefore, barndominiums sometimes have a living space for animals and a living space for the homeowners. However, many homeowners are now building barndominiums because they like the style, efficiency, and functionality of the home. Plus, this model of new construction can save time and money over traditional construction in some cases.

We have built a number of bardominiums over the years and we wanted to share a couple building experiences with you. First, the Schmidt property, the owners wanted something they could eventually grow out of and turn into a guest house as their boys get older. So, our builders came up with the idea of making 2 temporary bedrooms, along with the long term 1 bedroom, until the family is ready to transition it into their guest house. The owners appreciated all of the experience, knowledge, and patience the Vap team brought to the table. The crew was also praised for their quick work, kindness, and consciousness of the property.

The Greenfield’s knew they wanted a barndominium, it made the most sense for their personal taste and for the property they were building on. They found the whole process to be easy, and loved the amount of options they had for the building design. They were thrilled with the construction, feel their new home is both sturdy and beautiful, saying, “It’s better than a house!” The Greenfields felt that the team did an exception job bringing their dream home to life.

If you’re interested in building a barndominium, or just want to ask some questions from our team, check out our website. We have a residential gallery, where you can browse some of our completed projects, and you can also get a free quote:


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