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Vap Contribues to NFBA Education Materials

We have shared before that we are members of the National Frame Building Association, but this year we are especially excited to announce that our co-owner, Linda Young-Vap, was part of a new set of textbooks and study guides for craftsman in the post frame building industry. These new printed materials are instrumental in the future of the post frame industry, and we're thrilled that Linda was able to share her experience and help compile these best practices for up-and-coming builders. The new curriculum is available for purchase through the NFBA website ( and anyone who completes the coursework and passes a certification exam can become accredited through the national association.

The National Frame Building Association (NFBA) is a member based, non-profit trade association. They exist to support and educate members in the post-frame industry. They provide tools and code resources, access to technical and legal experts, builder accreditation programs, and networking opportunities, amongst other perks. There are currently over 800 members in the NFBA.


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