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Concrete Features

Did you know we do concrete at Vap Construction? If you're looking for concrete work, we are your one-stop shop! You can chat with our team about your needs, we can design your project, and execute the concrete work, all without you having to outsource to other contractors or businesses. We wanted to take a quick moment to share some of our favorite recent projects.

Containment Pad

We completed a 25' x50' concrete containment pad with a 4' tall perimeter wall and a 3'x3'x3' pit. The purpose of this containment pad is to put chemical and/or fuel tanks inside just in case the tanks leaked or failed. This will help to avoid contamination of the soil and ground around the containment pad.

Concrete Foundation

This customer was wanting a foundation laid for a post-frame storage building. This building was 50'x56' with an 8"x8' stem wall with rebar. We also included a number of elements to set up the building for the post-frame construction.

Retaining Wall

We completed a retaining wall for this client and his family. We installed inset fence post brackets into the concrete, so he was able to build a fence on top of the wall. The wall was 2'x6" for the footer and 10"x4' for the stem wall.

By utilizing the same contractor for the concrete as your building, we can help you avoid delays and make sure the specs are correct for thickness, slope, etc., while boosting efficiency and consistency. If you have any concrete needs, please let us know. We would love to help design your project and bring it to life! Click here to request a free quote.